The FivePlus Solutions team wanted very much to make a unique wish to its special partners this year.

And… he found the perfect solution.

How else to do it, if not through Santa Claus himself?

So the team sent the letter to Santa’s factory itself.

And then, what do they find out? Santa couldn’t leave the factory to make a personal wish, because in times of pandemic, even Santa can’t subject himself to such risks.

So, FivePlus turned to its trusted partners Heyadoo and XPRIMM, and together they joined forces and helped Santa get his internet up and running.

Afterwards, Santa was able to make a video greeting filmed, right from his own safe factory.

What does FivePlus wish its partners through Santa Claus?

And, because they thought others might have the same problem, they decided to help Santa Claus go online.

Thus, out of a desire not to let the magic of the holidays disappear, the project was born Santa Claus Online.

Santa’s project is aimed at:
❆ parents who want to make their children happy
❆ people who want to send a wish to their loved ones via Santa
❆ kindergartens who want Santa to be present virtually at parties
❆ companies who want to invite Santa online to their Christmas party

You can also make such a special and personalised greeting to your business partners (or anyone you wish) via Heyadoo.