Although it is called an “experiment”, in fact it is a first step towards the change planned by Google to focus, in particular, on Mobile content in favor of Desktop content when deciding the ranking results.

Google has started testing Mobile-First indexing, it will use the mobile version of your website for positioning.

We expected this and even heard about it a year ago, but now is the first time that Google has posted details on the blog about Mobile-First indexing.

Most Google searches come from Mobile, but Google indexing is from Desktop

Google explained that there are more searches from mobile devices than desktop ones. But when Google evaluates the ranking of a page, it analyzes the Desktop version of that site, a problem that I had identified some time ago.

To fix this, Google focuses its attention on the content, links and data from the mobile version of your website.

Those from Google stated: “To make the results more useful, we started experiments to make Mobile-First indexing.

Although there will be a single index for websites and applications, the Algorithms will primarily use the content on the mobile version of the site to rank that page, to understand the data and to show fragments of those pages in our results. ”

With this change, Google will index the mobile content and use it to decide the positioning in the search results, regardless of whether you are on Mobile or Desktop. There will be no more “Mobile-Friendly” adjustments just for mobile users. Basically, if your site is not Mobile-Friendly, this will have an impact on the ranking on Desktop.

Don’t have a mobile site? Do not worry!

Those who do not have a mobile version do not need to worry. Google will use the desktop version for the ranking of those sites. And if you have a responsive site, which changes its content dynamically depending on the device used (desktop or mobile), then you don’t have to make any changes.

Of course, if you don’t have the mobile version for your website, you won’t benefit from the plus offered by the Mobile-Friendly ranking. But that is a separate topic.

How can you prepare?

Below are some recommendations that Google offers for webmasters who want to have a website SEO optimized and to prepare for this change:

  • If you have a responsive or dynamic site, you should not change anything.
  • If you own a website and you have only checked your Desktop site in Search Console, please add and check the mobile version as well.
  • If after configuration, the website on the Desktop version differs from the one for Mobile, you should consider the following changes:

Make sure you provide markup for both versions of the site. The equivalence of the markup structures of a site can be verified by writing the URLs of both versions in the Structured Data Testing Tool and comparing the results obtained.

Use the robots.txt testing tool to check if your mobile version is supported by GoogleBot.

The sites will not show changes in the canonical links, these links will continue to be used to bring the right results for users searching both on Desktop and Mobile.

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