Online marketing is a way to show the world the products or services that your company can offer. A huge number of people are always connected to the Internet, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Thus, through the Internet you can also find people who could be potential clients. The internet has certainly changed, its data being used in much different and more varied ways than in past years.

There are several online marketing methods that can help:

Improve the quality of the site for search engines

Google positions a web page according to an extensive number of components and algorithms. Knowing these components will obviously be an advantage in the process of promoting and climbing the rank of a site as quickly as possible. However, things are not quite that simple. Google is in a continuous process of optimizing its positioning algorithms, and SEO specialists must be constantly aware of all the changes that have occurred at the level of ranking factors.

SEO activity can elevate a site in Google searches, and SEO analysis of a site can signal all the obstacles that stand between your website and the first page of Google.

Make sure the site loads quickly and easily

A fundamental characteristic of websites is that depending on how much it is loaded with large banners or a design with unnecessary elements, the more difficult the website will load. A Google analysis shows that on average people wait around 2-4 seconds for a site to load, and if it hasn’t loaded, users will give up and try another site.

Thus, if your company does not necessarily have to surprise its customers with a loaded design, these extra things do not help the site at all, on the contrary, they drag it down. Therefore, the site must be easy to navigate, have a simple, easy-to-understand preface, so that visitors can find what they are looking for on the site.

Get positive testimonials

The opinions of customers represent an important factor in making decisions of future customers. Thus, once your company offers services or products that people like, you must have a space on the website where customers can post their opinions. Thus, if the clients are satisfied with the partnership, they have the chance to leave a positive review, or if they encountered problems, they can post them on the website.

PPC (Pay-per-Click) advertising

grafic PPC

When you want to sell something very quickly, whether it is a seasonal service or product, or a product with a very large stock, Google Adwords ads are the most suitable. Adwords campaigns are suitable for climbing the first Google results.

Each customer click will be charged, according to a price that you can set in the program. As a rule, this type of campaign is recommended to be supported together with a specialized assistant, there are specialized companies that deal with this type of service online marketing, which analyzes the market and establishes the optimal parameters for running the campaign, in order not to lose.