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The choice of keywords is a key stage of the process of SEO optimization . An error in this stage can have important consequences: high bounce rate, low traffic, or high traffic, but lacking relevance for the site.

How to choose keywords?

First of all, the content of the site for which the SEO process is carried out must be known. The words for which the study is carried out must be relevant for the site.

In general, different combinations of keywords (singular, plural) must be chosen to find the word with the highest search rate. The search differences between these word forms can reach important values.

Finding keywords:

  1. choosing keywords that are found in the content of the website and are relevant to it
  2. using Google suggestions
  3. Google Related Searches

sugestii google cautare optimizare seo

In the example above, we have Google’s suggestions for the keyword “seo optimization”. This lure means that by offering SEO optimization services, we can also use the other words suggested by Google, because they are some of the most used when users perform searches.

Types of searches

Three types of searches performed by users were identified:

  1. search based on interest: searches based on keywords are used to obtain information about products
  2. search based on documentation: keywords containing details of general keywords are used to refine searches
  3. search for purchase: exact keywords are used, which provide an accurate description of the product

Keyword Pitfalls

The trap of general keywords must be avoided, words that have a high search volume, but that do not offer a conversion rate of traffic into potential customers.

For general keywords there is a very high competition, and the resources invested (effort, money and time) in optimizing a site for such a keyword are not justified by the results obtained.

OptimizarePlus recommends choosing the words that bring the most potential customers (people interested in the site’s content) and not the words that bring the most traffic, but only accidental visitors (visitors who are not actually interested in the site’s content ).

There is another trap related to keywords: keyword cannibalization. What is keyword cannibalization and how can this situation be reached?

Keyword cannibalization is the situation in which several pages of the same site are optimized for the same keyword. In this case, the search engine will no longer consider the site relevant for that keyword, because the pages are in competition, their relevance to the search will be diluted.

External links are shared between the pages of the site. The problem usually occurs in the case of pages that are automatically generated, and the page titles contain the keyword. The solution to avoid this situation is to optimize for a keyword only certain pages.

Fiveplus’ approach to eliminating this problem is to optimize each page for a specific keyword. Our solution is to avoid the automatic generation of web page content and the individual editing of the Title metatag.

Choosing the right keywords

After a list of relevant keywords for the site has been made, a traffic analysis for these keywords must be made.

Only keywords that have a number of searches that can provide us with good traffic are chosen for site optimization.

Another important aspect in choosing a keyword is the level of competition for that keyword.

If there is too strong competition, it is possible that there are not the necessary resources for a placement in the first Google results.

A high level of competition means greater optimization efforts. That is why it is important that any chosen keyword is relevant to the site.

If we choose a keyword that brings good traffic and that has a high level of competition, but is not relevant to the content of the site, we will have a very high level of accidental traffic (users arriving at the respective site by chance).

Users who visit the site accidentally, and who are not interested in the actual content of the site, do not fall into the category of potential customers.

OptimizarePlus offers several SEO services, including a report of analysis of keywords and offers consultancy in order to choose appropriate keywords.

If you need keyword research and SEO optimization for those keywords, but you don’t know where to start, you can opt for a SEO audit, which will help you figure out the situation of the keywords on your website, in order to have a starting point in the field of promotion.