If Google updates were compared to hurricanes, Penguin would be Hurricane Patricia .

It is by far the most extensive update and probably, it will be very difficult to recover, if the site will be penalized.

The first Penguin, which was launched in 2012, made unusual links, and sites that had strange “Link Schemes” (spam) were penalized, which is why, after this update, SEO optimization has completely changed -Page.

At the moment Penguin 4.0, in addition to the fact that it uses a mechanism for detecting unnatural, spammy, quite advanced links, this algorithm will be applied in real time.

The launch of this algorithm was initially planned for the beginning of 2016, but it seems that the last update needed more time, for more tests.

actualizare google penguin


Since there has been no update from Google in the last year, expect the new algorithm to appear as soon as possible.

Recomandarea este sa verifici daca site-ul este in siguranta, mai bine verifici daca site-ul are un profil de link-uri curat decat sa fie penalizat.

There are steps you could take to check if your site meets all the criteria of the new Penguin algorithm.

You can use the following tools: Google Search Console, SEO PowerSuite.

With the help of tools from SEO PowerSuite (Spyglass, LinkAssistant) you can check 1100 links (free version), for an analysis of an unlimited number of links, you will need a license.

What should you do when you want to evaluate your link profile?

Get a complete list of links and referring domains.

Tools from SEO PowerSuite can help you get this complete list of backlinks.

Make sure all links are dofollow.

SEO SpyGlass has the ability to visit every page of the site and tells you if the links are correct and live.

Identifies poor quality links.


To identify low-quality links, you can also use SEO SpyGlass, this tool has a function that shows links at risk of penalty.

To identify the links at risk of penalty, the tool targets many parameters that you follow and the Google algorithm (indexing in Google, age of the domain, number of inactive links, uniqueness of the IP).

At the level of links, it monitors if they are sitewide and if they have a unique anchor text.

The best solution is to perform an analysis of the domain link.

See if risky links bring traffic

Before removing spammy links, check if these links bring traffic. There is a possibility that this will be a big source of traffic, even if Google sees it as an unnatural link.

If you have found spammy links and want to get rid of them, the best solution is to contact the webmasters.

If you cannot find the contact details of the webmasters or you have not received any response from them, in this case a tool is very useful.

SEO SpyGlass can generate the files you need and the formatting will be done very easily.
Identifying other weak points of your link profile.

Maintaining a link profile as clean as possible.

Removing links with a risk of penalty is an activity that requires quite a lot of time, but maintaining a clean link profile only requires attention.

Don’t have time to check your links? Then, you can call on an agency that offers SEO services to do this instead your.