Have you already set aside a budget for a big Christmas party with your employees and partners, but the pandemic has thrown your plans off track?

Would you like to save as much of the magic of Christmas as possible, but don’t know what your options are in these socially distant circumstances?

It’s your lucky day, because we have the perfect solution for you. We’ll help you save both the holiday magic and a big chunk of your budget!

Meet Santa online

No, we won’t be the old man, but we’ll help you get in touch with him.

This year, we introduced Santa to the mysteries of the internet, and now he can join us online, right from his factory.

Give your friends, employees and partners a SPECIAL, super INNOVATIVE gift! Bring Santa to them on Zoom for a magical chat!

Santa online – concept

We can be sure that 2020 will be at least different from previous years. Special measures are needed to preserve the magic of the winter holidays.

And… since Santa has to miss so many parties this year, FivePlus agency, together with Heyadoo, found the best solution – they helped Santa to go technological.

With just a few clicks this December, you can make a gift of Santa to someone you love in a ZOOM date.

How can you do this?

Well, all you have to do is access Santa’s page and book the time you want to get in touch with Santa.

On the appointed date, Santa will talk to the children online, finding out if they have been good and what their wishes are, and then immediately give the order to his elves.

Who is our concept for?

We all love Santa, and year after year he makes sure we are not forgotten. Heyadoo has prepared several types of packages and services for all good children:

IntroduceSantato your employees: Organize a private event where the children of your employees or company partners can have a fairytale, out-of-book chat with Santa LIVE on Zoom!

Introduce your friends to Santa: Give your friends a unique surprise. Make their kids super happy by bringing Santa to Zoom for a magical, personalized group chat! Or make them a personalised and unique wish through Santa to your friends, loved ones, colleagues, grandparents, at home or abroad.

Santa LIVE on Zoom: This WOW surprise will surprise everyone as friends, colleagues, bosses, family members (or whoever you want) will be “teleported” into Santa’s Magic House in a live chat with Santa (an authentic Santa in every way) and thus, they will be left with a lifetime of wonderful memories that you contributed to!

The entire collection of stories read by Santa: What could be nicer during the winter holidays than listening to Santa’s warm voice telling a story with your child? This is a gift for children and parents alike. Who wouldn’t enjoy listening to Santa read some of the most beautiful stories.

And, of course, Heyadoo, FivePlus and Santa don’t forget children with special needs. When you purchase an online appointment with Santa, 10% of your money will go to the Be a Butterfly Association to help people with Down Syndrome. That way, you can make 2 gifts wrapped as one.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee!

If the programme provided by Santa disappoints you and was not what you dreamed of, you have the right to ask for your money back!

If you’re not ready for such a magical encounter, at least give everyone a share and tell them about us! They’re sure to be thrilled!

MagazinPlus, the platform that brings Santa Claus to your house fast

ShopPlus is a project dedicated to local communities that want to leverage online commerce.

MagazinPlus is a turnkey solution, a marketplace platform that allows merchants to quickly open an online shop directly on the platform.

The marketplace platform MagazinPlus was born out of the initiative to find a business solution to support local producers and traders.

The applications of this platform are manifold:

  • is aimed at the local community, which will be helped by including shops, farms, greenhouses and producers in neighbouring areas with consumer products on the platform;
  • can be a springboard for entrepreneurs who can get involved in selling and delivering niche products or services (honey, food, technical equipment, etc.);
  • helps entrepreneurs open new concepts by including the platform in the flow of presenting and purchasing services or products from multiple merchants;
  • organisations can provide an environment for the presentation and sale of products made by special children;
  • can be a space to promote products marketed by institutions or cultural communities from other countries or regions;
  • making available to a local or regional community the presentation of the portfolio of products and services.

About our partner, Heyadoo

The company provides through the platform, the optimal tool for anyone to CREATE and have a simple and natural SUCCESS, both in sales, in the development of their own business and in the new lifestyle through permanent discount offers or multiple opportunities to generate income offered by the platform!

Heyadoo offers young people and all people an online environment, totally apolitical and conducive to any kind of BUSINESS, EDUCATION and EVOLUTION, that sets the right benchmarks for thinking, speaking and how they should act before being impacted by a certain content.

About us, Fiveplus Solutions

We are a privately owned company with 2 very important business lines: software company – development of professional IT solutions and online marketing agency – PPC promotion, optimization and promotion SEO

Every client we have worked with has a place in the history and development of our company. More than 400 clients have trusted us and we have developed beautiful projects together.