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Structure of a FivePlus Solutions SEO audit

The structure of a FivePlus Solutions SEO audit considers the following:

  • Securing the website
  • Internal content analysis
  • 4xx and 5xx error analysis
  • Internlinking analysis
  • Analysis of Google Analytics data
  • Analysis of Google Search Console data
  • Analysis of performance indicators
  • Competitor analysis
  • Backlink profile analysis
  • Analysis of dofollow vs nofollow backlinks ratio
  • Other analyses specific to the website being audited
  • Support in the audit implementation process
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  • Website indexability
  • Website accessibility
  • Website architecture analysis
  • Keyword analysis (keyword research development)
  • Source code analysis
  • Structure of urls
  • Duplicate content
  • Analysis of headings ( headings: H1, H2, H3…H6)
  • Meta tag analysis
  • The “ALT” attribute and image optimization
  • Sitemap analysis
  • Loading speed
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SEO audit – the first step in an SEO campaign

The SEO audit is the first step in an SEO campaign because:

  • In any SEO strategy, the starting point is the website and we need to make sure that it is optimised according to Google’s requirements.
  • The success of an OffPage SEO campaign is dependent on the level of OnPage SEO optimisation of the website. If the OnPite SEO audit stage has been skipped, the results from the OffPite SEO actions will either not come or not be what we would like, because Google will still analyse the website and take into account the non-implementation or incorrect implementation of the requirements.
  • The SEO audit gives you on the one hand the possibility to know how your website is technically positioned in relation to Google’s requirements and its positioning and on the other hand it gives you the possibility to know the organic visibility of your competitors at that moment, the efforts made by them and thus you will be able to make a correct SEO strategy based on real data / information.
  • Part of Google’s on-page requirements is about user experience.To improve the user experience, various implementations are needed on the site that will result from the audit.A good site experience will also increase the conversion rate on the site.
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What do we look for in an SEO audit?


Through the SEO audit we aim to rank the website higher in search engines (first page). Again, it is very important to make sure that the ranking we want is on keywords that are relevant to the business.This requires a lot of effort to be put into the keyword research development phase and a very good understanding of the business.


Through meta tag implementations (e.g. meta tile, meta description) we aim to increase click-through rates on the website. Beyond the use of Google’s recommended sizes, there are a number of other details, implementations that we have in mind so that this performance indicator increases – because it’s not enough just to be visible, we want people to click through to the site.

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Authority is a performance indicator that, depending on the value it registers, can quickly tell us about the degree of implementation and correctness of onpage and offpage SEO requirements. Through the SEO audit we aim to increase the authority of the domain and internal web pages.


Through organic online exposure we aim to increase the awareness of the business.Through an organic online presence we manage to develop the brand, make it known and increase user interaction with it.

Organic Traffic

Through OnPage SEO implementations we clearly aim to increase organic traffic to the site, which is a goal to say the default in an SEO campaign.

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The most important elements of an OnPage SEO audit

Keyword Analysis & Site Architecture Optimization

Keyword analysis, which takes into account both their relevance to the business and the average monthly search volume, can generate changes to the site’s structure.In parallel with keyword analysis, competition analysis is carried out and the scope of the business is deepened so that new changes have a positive impact on users, giving them a unique experience with the site.

Optimization of SEO elements (meta tags, headings, alt tags)

Optimising these SEO elements according to Google’s rules can generate positive effects in terms of ranking and certain performance indicators (e.g. improved click-through rates).

Duplicate content analysis & removal

Duplicate content on a website should not exist. It is therefore absolutely necessary to check the content and if it is found to be duplicate, it should be redone so that there is only unique and relevant content for users on the site. Note that relevance is determined in relation to the page (name, page title)

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elemente seo

URL structure

Optimizing a site’s urls is done according to several rules, but it always starts with the content of the pages, and the keywords that are representative of those pages.

Loading speed

Unoptimized load times will result in poor site experiences, decreasing the chances of results improving no matter how well other Google recommendations are implemented or how much we invest in other campaigns that target the site.

Site Security (SSL certificate)

Securing the site with an SSL certificate is a ranking factor and is mandatory to be found on every site, implemented on every page of the site.

Indexability & Accessibility

The state of indexability of the pages of a website and its accessibility should be constantly checked in order to intervene in time to reduce the negative effects it could be impacted.

Tools used in SEO auditing

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FivePlus Solutions SEO Audit – a complete audit for your website!

The FivePlus Solutions SEO Audit is a complete deliverable with very well explained documentation that fully covers Google’s requirements.

Moreover, SEO specialists will be with the Beneficiary throughout the implementation of the audit, checking in detail and providing feedback to ensure the correctness of the implementation.

Choose an SEO audit for your website, documented and very well argued.

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