85% of visitors to a website use a search engine. Search engines are an indispensable component for web users.

Any search engine used (Google, Yahoo or Bing) provides real-time results that match a user’s needs.

The appearance of a website in the first results of a search engine is not a simple process, but an elaborate one. Any website needs to be accompanied by a strategy to generate as many visitors as possible, with an emphasis on the quality of traffic generated.

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What are the advantages of SEO?

  • Allows you to record constant targeted traffic: the higher the traffic, the greater the chances of recording orders or requests for offers.
  • Helps increase conversions: turning visitors into real customers.
  • Increasing online value and reputation: a site with increased visibility becomes a known site, a known site is a site that registers positive ROI.

What are the key phrases to choose for a website?

Before determining the panel of key phrases for which the website is to be optimised, the content of the website, the search behaviour of internet users, as well as competing websites should be analysed.

The main rule to keep in mind in outlining the key phrase strategy is to create a mix of keywords and key phrases, starting from:

  • Generic key phrases  reflecting the field of activity
  • Names of categories and subcategories of goods or services
  • Names of products or services.

The keyword strategy has a specific goal: to attract as much traffic as possible, resulting from the return of the optimized site in the first results of search engines.

What are the actions that make up the SEO process?

actiuni de optimizare seo

  • SEO audit and promotion strategy: domain analysis, search behaviour analysis, definition of key phrases, technical analysis of the website, action plan;
  • On-site SEO optimization: elimination of blocking factors, fulfillment of technical performance criteria according to search engine requirements, analysis of site structure and content, analysis of internal links, analysis of the value of HTML tags and meta tags (H1, H2, H3, title and meta description), image optimization, configuration of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, identification of programming bugs, proposals to improve page speed.
  • Gaining backlinks (votes of confidence): developing an SMO strategy (social media promotion), promotion through press releases, articles and advertorial advertising.
  • Analysis of results: comparative analysis of site ranking before and after SEO actions; analysis of organic traffic, number of visits, time spent on the site, goals achieved.

How long does the SEO process take and how long does it take to get results?

The SEO optimization process is a long-lasting one, but with tangible results in the medium and long term. The minimum waiting period is between 3 – 6 months.

Changes to the site must be made in time, so that search engines do not consider that unfair techniques are used and apply a penalty for over-optimization to the site.

Optimizing a website means achieving performance in terms of both content and specific technical SEO requirements, visibility, qualified traffic and conversions.