I have heard this expression from a few clients and colleagues. SEO is dead, linkbuilding is dead, nothing works anymore.

Nothing could be further from the truth. SEO is alive and smells fresh. Strange expression you would say, I agree, I didn’t combine the words too happily.

The truth is, everything is changing, especially technology, and the way we interpret data. Usually in winter and spring we have 2 stages of general cleaning.

When we take each item and analyze it, we see what we still need, and what we would like to give away, being old.

When you hear such rumors, that SEO is no longer working, that it no longer gives positive results, please be circumspect.

Do your research, take some time to understand the logic of what you hear, check the information.

In a world overcrowded with information, discerning the truth requires a bird’s eye view.

To see the full image. To understand all the interactions and reactions.

The first step to discerning the truth is to review the ultimate goal of SEO.

The goal of website optimization is to improve the result. What result, ours? No, our search engine result. The SEO algorithm changes to clean it up.

When we are overloaded with information and negative opinions we tend to miss the forest for the trees.

What does optimisation mean?

Optimisation is about an action, a process, a methodology. Optimisation aims at improving the result as close as possible to perfection.

By definition, optimisation is cyclical and continuous as long as the elements that improve improve improve in turn.

Optimisation applied to websites for better rankings must take into account consumer understanding.

The searcher’s.

Google researches human behavior, optimizes information analysis to return the most relevant information to humans.

An interesting interview about Google Graph (knowledge graph), shows us how people are looking for solutions to optmize the results people expect.

Optimisation is immortal

Don’t panic because you spent a lot of time and money to get good results and now after the new algorithm update your site has been repositioned.

Algorithm updates is a clear signal that SEO is immortal. All search engine algorithm updates have put the emphasis on “optimizing results”.

SEO is more important than ever – perhaps even more important than the “search engine” part.

If you bought links in large volume without checking the real value, your results will definitely be re-evaluated and repositioned.

However, if your implementation optimizations followed the Google Guidelines, you are on the right track. The results may change but not disastrously. Often for the better.

Internet search is evolving.

As long as we do site optimization with our audience in mind, the end consumer of the result, we are on the right track.

The information will reach the most appropriate audience.

Optimisation is done by people for people.

Want to achieve SEO perfection?

Then, when we look at website optimization we have to think philosophically.

We have to think like humans first and then put ourselves in the shoes of robots indexing content.

Achieving SEO perfection means more than ranking on the first page of results.

It means responding to consumer need.

It means providing the right answer to the consumer’s “question”.

That’s optimization, that’s SEO.

Now it’s clear that SEO isn’t dead, right? If you’re thinking of using SEO services for your business, you should start by requesting a free SEO audit.