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Off-page optimization is the last step in the website optimization process, being carried out after the on-page analysis and optimization steps have been completed.

After a correct analysis of the site has been carried out, certain appropriate keywords have been chosen for the site’s content and the onsite optimization operation has been carried out, the off-page optimization campaign can be started.

Off-page optimization is complementary to on-page optimization. A successful SEO campaign can only be achieved by using both optimization methods! All these steps lead to SEO services really performing.

What does off page optimization mean and how is it done?

Through offpage optimization, the aim is to increase the number of external links to the site. Why are these backlinks important? Because it helps the website pages to obtain a better pagerank, and to be indexed better by search engines.

The way to get these backlinks is by registering the site in specialized web directories.

But the simple registration of the site in these directories (made by and using tools that register the site automatically) does not have the desired effect.

In order to obtain a quality backlink, it is necessary that the registration is done properly.

In the case of these backlinks, the quality matters a lot, not just their quantity. It is necessary to obtain links with correct data: the title, description, tags must be relevant for the site and contain the keywords for which the optimization is done.

It is also important that the title and description with which the registration is made are not the same for all the same directories. Registration in the directories does not bring an increase in traffic directly, but helps the site to be seen better by search engines.

This stage has the greatest weight in terms of the time needed to optimize a site. Offline optimization is a long-term operation that requires important human and time resources.

It is important that the backlinks come from sites relevant to the content of the site for which the SEO campaign is carried out. A link from a site that has content from the same domain as our site will be seen as a quality link with greater relevance for Google.

Some types of directories and sites where you can register:

  1. Website Directories
  2. Discussion forums
  3. Article Directories
  4. Announcements
  5. Social networks

Fiveplus registers in all these types of directories. We work with a list of such directories, which is checked periodically to ensure the validity and quality of these directories.

Fiveplus pays special attention to these registrations in order not to be considered spam or not to cause the search engine to consider the site for which the optimization is carried out suspicious.< /em>

The pitfalls of the off page optimization operation

  1. Registration in too many directories in a very short time. In this case, the search engine will consider the site as suspicious of spam, and there is the possibility of penalizing it. Registration in a large number of sites must be done over a longer period of time.
  2. Automated registration – Registrations made using automated tools are easy to do (in terms of effort and time), but the effect is extremely low. From the list of directories included in these softwares, only a series of registrations succeed, and the links obtained are of poor quality, having no real effect on the indexing of the site.
  3. Links coming via redirect / nofollow / javascript – All these links are not considered quality links by the Google search engine. The navigation technique used by spiders poses great problems for pages accessible through this type of links

The Fiveplus approach in terms of off-line optimization is based on obtaining quality links, which are taken into account by Google in the website indexing mechanism uri.

We use the manual registration method, in order to be able to control the quality of the links and exclude the involvement of the site in a black-hat campaign (SEO that does not respect the rules search engine).

If you are thinking of using off page optimization, but you don’t know where to start, you can request a SEO audit to see what stage your website is in and what strategy to follow to improve its position in Google results.