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SEO services for YouTube – give your business a boost online

YouTube is currently the second most used search engine after Google.

More than 12 million users log on to YouTube every month, 9 million watch videos every day, and time spent on the platform has increased by 25% this year compared to the previous year (2020).

Without a doubt, YouTube is a useful marketing tool to include in your online promotion strategy. When content on YouTube is optimised and professionally produced, it can generate significant business value through increased exposure and visibility.

SEO optimization of YouTube channel and video content on the platform

SEO optimization for YouTube is a lot like regular content optimization for the Google search engine, but as similar as they are, they can be very different.

YouTube’s algorithms are designed to rank videos uploaded to the platform and keep users on it as long as possible.

SEO for video content refers, not only to the basic SEO optimizations needed to have direct visibility on YouTube, but also to those optimizations through which video content can help your company’s website rank (get better positions).

SEO optimization for YouTube is focused on 3 main directions:

The YouTube channel, like the business website or any other account associated with the company, should be created in such a way that it is suggestive, representative of the company’s name or business.

Therefore, the first step is to focus on the name of the channel – we recommend choosing a clear, easy-to-remember, intuitive name.

The second step is to create and implement a graphic layout – we do not recommend using the theme provided by Youtube, but creating a custom graphic visual in which to include those differentiating points that create uniqueness and value.

A third step, could be to structure playlists by category according to what is offered to users (depending on the field of activity). Structuring is done by taking into account relevant keywords (resulting from keyword research) – by adding/inserting them into the category names.

Another step in SEO optimization of your YouTube channel is to create and add a description – the description should be unique, representative, appealing and preferably contain the main (core) keywords of the business.

By video content we mean videos already on the youtube channel and future videos to be added.

A few SEO optimizations to keep in mind when referring to video content:

  • Title optimization
  • Optimising the description
  • Adding tags / labels
  • Customizing the thumbnail
  • File name optimization

Engagement and ranking factors

There are several ranking factors according to which YouTube videos or channels are ranked. Engagement can also help you rank better. We will detail some of the ranking factors that can help to make your video content more visible:

CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

The CTR factor, helps videos rank better – the more clicks a video gets to collect / gather from a search on a keyword it ranks for, the more it will help. Basically, out of all the videos that are shown as a result of that search, the videos that manage to gather more interactions (more clicks), send the message to YouTube that it was the most relevant to users, and YouTube rewards this by giving it a better ranking position.


Getting a large number of comments on your videos can help a lot in positioning. YouTube perceives these interactions and reactions as positive feedback from users, which is why it believes that those videos should get good visibility.


The more subscribers your YouTube channel has, the more relevant it is considered and will also help it rank better.

Size of videos

The size of videos on YouTube is a rather large and much discussed topic.

Now, we’re not talking about those videos we use in paid promotion (that’s a separate discussion, as things differ greatly), but the videos we upload and expect things to happen organically. Experience has shown us that larger/longer videos end up being appreciated much more by users compared to shorter ones (those of a few seconds). Of course there are exceptions, but the most important thing, and this is what we are referring to now, is that the message in the videos is really interesting and well constructed, so that the essential ideas reach the users.

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YouTube content performance indicators

After each new video added, it is necessary to go back and review the performance indicators shortly afterwards:

  • Total number of views
  • Click rate
  • Unique visitors
  • Average time spent on video
  • Evolution of the number of subscribers
  • Number of comments
  • Number of shares
  • Number of likes
  • Total time spent by users across the channel
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Business exposure on Youtube – advantages

  • Video content can attract 2 times more visitors per month
  • Helps form a brand identity
  • Create outreach opportunities in an easier and friendlier way with your audience
  • Provides the ability to display video content on the site by integrating directly from YouTube – sites that have video content are proven to have a significant user retention rate – people prefer sites that are populated with video content
  • More than half of YouTube views are from mobile devices – which means that with these specific video integrations on the site through YouTube, it’s made easier and also helps the site load speed
  • Video content attracts much more attention than image or text content
  • Ability to apply multiple approaches to communication and play with messages
  • The opportunity to more easily create a community around your brand – which will promote you credibly
  • People remember video content much more easily than text, image or text plus image content – approx.80% of people remember video content