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OnPage SEO Audit

The OnPage SEO Audit involves keyword research and an analysis of all technical parameters of the website in order to identify if and to what extent Google recommendations are respected. On a case-by-case basis, depending on the findings of the two analyses, a very well explained documentation will be produced with recommendations to be implemented.

OffPage SEO Audit

The OffPage SEO Audit is an analysis of the profile and history of external links (backlinks), frequency of external links, domain authority and certain internal pages and competition.

UX / UI Audit

UX/UI audit is a component of an SEO campaign as it plays a very important role in improving the performance indicators of a website. Both directly target the site but from the user’s perspective – they track user satisfaction.

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Local SEO

Local SEO or SEO for local business is a service dedicated to all companies whether they are small businesses (with 2-3 locations) or chains.The aim of this service is to increase the organic visibility of the business in local searches (local Google results) and Google Maps.
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SEO for Youtube

SEO for Youtube is a service dedicated to companies that own a Youtube channel and aims to optimise video content so that it gets much more visibility/exposure.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is an essential component in SEO campaigns and in anything relevant and impactful to consumers.

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Link Building

Link building actions are part of OffPage SEO campaigns (OffPage SEO optimization) and have the main role of getting quality, relevant links to the site so as to develop a varied but targeted, high-profile and relevant community.


For the security of the site and the results recorded, the SEO monitoring process never ends. Why? Because Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, the competition does not stand still, and the platforms on which the sites are developed need constant updates which, if done unchecked, can generate a series of errors or cancel certain SEO actions carried out in the past.

Data Reporting & Interpretation

Any online marketing service or campaign needs reporting, analysis and interpretation. It is not enough to simply collect data or information if we do not analyse and interpret it in the right context. It is also absolutely necessary and right that the results and conclusions of these analyses reach the Beneficiary in the form of reports.

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SEO Services – Top 15 benefits they offer your business!

  • Increase organic traffic

  • Attracts quality traffic

  • Increases visibility or number of views

  • Increase conversion rate (CTR)

  • Increase click-through rate (CRO)

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Identify the potential of the business in relation to the market

  • Generates a better user experience on the site

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  • Optimise online promotion costs

  • Returns measurable results

  • Lowers the bounce rate

  • Increases time spent on site

  • New users on the site increase

  • Increase the number of sessions

  • Provides constant competitive analysis and awareness of business potential

SEO services – depending on the type of website

SEO Services or Google Ads Services?

The answer is that both services should be included in the online marketing strategy, as they complement each other.We always recommend the marketing mix, as each marketing channel has its own contribution in achieving results, improving or increasing performance indicators or driving increases in results from another marketing channel.

All in all, obviously there are some advantages of SEO services over Google Ads services, but that doesn’t mean it cancels out the latter.

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Differences – SEO Services vs Google Ads Services

SEO services – generate traffic and views continuously

Google Ads services – manage traffic and views only on a per-campaign basis – as long as they are active and have an allocated budget

SEO services – it costs nothing when people click on results displayed on Google

Google Ads services – every click on ads costs (consumes budget)

SEO services – conversions start to register after a while depending on the fairness and SEO efforts previously allocated

Google Ads services – you can get conversions shortly after launching campaigns, but it depends on the correct setup, budget allocated and the efforts of the competition, but it is one of the marketing methods where you can get results very quickly – it works very well in campaigns with a sales objective – discounts for a limited period of time

SEO services – costs are reduced over time in many ways (e.g. SEO optimization of the site helps it convert much easier and faster, increases quality traffic, and the positioning of the site where it needs to be is not lost quickly, overnight, even if we stop the SEO campaign or reduce the budget.

Google Ads services – costs can go down or up – there is no control, but regardless, always to run Google Ads campaigns, you will need budget, and exposure, displays after campaigns stop, will no longer exist.

SEO services – most people click on organic results because it’s all natural and there’s no other indirect inconvenience of organic results not showing up.

Google Ads services – some users avoid paid ads, preferring to click on organic ads, while others do not see paid ads because they have various Ad Blocker programs installed in their browser.

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Choose SEO services provided by a specialized team – FivePlus Solutions

  • We deliver professional SEO services
  • Experience on all categories of websites, various niches, national and international SEO projects
  • We design your SEO strategy based on your business goals
  • The SEO campaign is based on highly optimized work processes and methodologies
  • We use premium analysis tools
  • We constantly monitor and analyse the progress of the SEO campaign
  • We are transparent and flexible
  • We deliver results
  • We deliver analyses, reports, answers very well documented and argued
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  • Interact and communicate effectively and openly whenever necessary
  • We adapt whenever necessary
  • We work responsibly
  • We are joined by specialists from all areas of online marketing who can at some point have a major impact on the SEO project or our collaboration
  • We have been developing and implementing SEO projects for 12 years
  • For 12 years we have been improving and developing as an online marketing agency
  • For 14 years we have been designing, developing and implementing business solutions for internal management within companies/organisations
  • For 14 years we have been at the side of business and those who have chosen us to be there for them