The crisis motivates the search for and implementation of modern business solutions. Cartusel, benefits from the results of positioning the site on the first page of Google. It is important that the site is visited by qualified customers who are looking for specific information.”

Gabriel Popplogo cartusel.ro

Online Marketing Manager

ITRAX Solutions


We are satisfied with the results of the SEO strategy implemented. Website optimization is a safe marketing investment with sustainable results. Through the strategy adopted in online promotion, in a short time, we have strengthened our online presence and achieved notable performance in search engines.”

George Udrealogo depozitudescule.ro

General Director



We started our collaboration with FivePlus out of the need to make our products better known online and I can say that through this team we managed to promote ourselves very well. The positioning of our products in the first pages of Google search engine speaks for itself. We believe that the experience of these people has made its presence felt in the results we have achieved lately – their help was instrumental in changing our website platform, our most recent and far-reaching action since the launch of the original website. Both their domain knowledge, pertinent advice, and hands-on approach to the obstacles encountered in the process have paid off, helping us to create a far superior product to our previous one.”

Andrei Cazangiulogo davopro.ro

Executive Manager

S.C. Davo Pro Company S.R.L.


We started the collaboration by developing the website. FivePlus has a team with an overview of the online environment and together we approached different strategies for a better online presence. I feel comfortable with this collaboration because there is transparency in all the activities we do, they are explained to understand them and make other business decisions. I get recommendations about investing in the online environment, I focus on advice, I found in the FivePlus team the right partner for business development. We work on several channels together, we have gone through several algorithm changes together in SEO optimization, we continuously manage Google Adwords campaigns, we plan to expand the collaboration in other directions. It’s a well-trained team, it goes far beyond a one-off collaboration, it’s a business partner.”

Andrei HONCIUClogo mastertech

General Director



I am satisfied with the consultancy and the evolution of the supravegherevideo.co d.p.d.v. SEO project. It is clear, from the reports and data interpretations received monthly or on request, an increase in visibility in Google, which corresponds entirely to the business plan created at the beginning of our collaboration. As far as you are concerned, the recommendations received so far have been such as to maintain and improve the upward trend of your positioning in Google, so the rating can only be very good. To add here would be the trust you gave me during the face-to-face discussion we had at the company’s headquarters.”

Adrian Gagulogo envio supraveghere

Executive Manager

Color Design Security Grup

The FivePlus Solutions team has worked professionally on all the projects we have worked on together. The SEO strategy and actions they have implemented have brought good results in the long run, through promotion in Google. The PPC Adwords campaigns helped us to achieve the desired goals in a short period of time and quickly attracted appointments to the Green Dental clinic. The creative solutions, the continuous improvement of the campaigns and the willingness to adapt to our ways of promotion and communication were the strengths that turned this collaboration into a successful one.”

Andra Vasilachelogo greendental

PR Manager

Green Dental & Implant Dentar


In our field of activity, the automotive industry – sales&service, a similar experience weighed heavily in the choice of the collaborator. Roadill Automotive is a Ford dealer and aligning the online environment with the standards imposed by the manufacturer was essential. We found in the Fiveplus team, not only a website provider, but also a consultant in online marketing, applying different concepts in the market to increase the customer portfolio. We have been working for more than 3 years and we have extended our collaboration to SEO optimization at the site level, technical support for different situations that arise in the operation of the system, we want to approach together other solutions. It’s basically an extension of the Roadhill team to the online environment.”

Razvan Carnulogo ford

Sales & Marketing Manager

Roadhill Automotive SRL


One problem we have frequently faced in recent years has been the lack of serious collaborators. At FivePlus Solutions we have found a team of quality people who do what they promise and do it very well. We have been working with FivePlus Solutions for more than 2 years and will continue to do so for everything related to online promotion.”

Dan Albu logo comenzi.ro

Director general

Accent Net SRL