Today the word backlink probably makes most marketers think of spam sites and SEO people as “negative characters”.


Not long ago, SEO specialists used purchased or manipulatively built backlinks to create nets in which to trap users and search engines and which artificially increased the ranking of the site.

Fortunately, these dark times in SEO are almost over, today, most SEO people are good, they use correct and deserved banklinks that increase the authority of the site in an organic way.

Although the habits of the SEO community as a whole have changed, some of the old and incorrect backlinking techniques are still in use and waiting to affect anyone who comes into contact with them.

Buying and building backlinks used to be the favorite tactic to improve a site’s traffic, but it’s a tragically bad tactic and I’m here to explain why.

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The great tragedy of building/buying backlinks: What is it and why is it so popular?

To understand why buying and building backlinks doesn’t work, it’s critical to understand why some people think it does. First of all, getting a website visibility can be very hard, and some people would do anything to get it.

Very often, inexperienced owners spend hours/weeks to build a website. He launches it, puts it in blogs, perfects it and nothing happens. Weeks pass and nothing happens. In addition, no one finds the site through organic search or through links placed in other sites.

Unfortunately, owners in such a situation are not left with many options.

Because of this, many struggle to gain notoriety.

In these cases, it is very easy to take it the wrong way – the temptation to use “evil” backlinks is strong. While a popular opinion is to advise site owners to get referral links that direct people to their social platforms, this tactic is terrible and will end up getting you Google penalties and traffic in the short term.

Although these strategies have worked in the past in SEO, at the moment, they are ineffective, unattractive for users and in many cases too expensive for owners to maintain them.

As a result, owners are left confused, wondering how the hell to get their site known through correct SEO services.

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