Google invests a lot to be the best search engine. The rules of the SEO game change from year to year. In order to obtain maximum visibility, you must adapt your SEO strategy.

In this article, we will present the SEO factors that will make the difference in 2020.

  1. Artificial intelligence brought by RankBrain

The Google Rank Brain algorithm remains in 2020, the third ranking factor, according to importance, in the Google ranking (the 3 most important ranking factors confirmed by Google being: content, external links – backlinks, the Rank Brain algorithm).

Google, as you probably know, is constantly improving this algorithm and more, which is why in 2020, we must open our eyes wide so that we can discover how we can achieve the most effective promotion of sites for organic results.

The first 3 questions we should ask ourselves are: What is Rank Brain? What does Rank Brain do or how does it work? How can we bring optimizations?

1.1. What is Google Rank Brain?

It is a “self-learning” system based on artificial intelligence, created with the aim of returning results more relevant to the user’s search intent, beyond the exact words used in searches.

In short, it is a system that evaluates the way users interact with the results displayed in Google Search.

1.2. What does Rank Brain do or how does it work? How can we bring optimizations?

Next, we try to explain through several situations:

Example: we search for the keyword “coffee frappe”:

Now, let’s assume that result no. 2 caught your attention and you immediately clicked on it, you understood that the recipe is well written, the content is easy to understand and you see it as interesting to read. The final conclusion is that you will spend a significant amount of time on this site.

Google records this action and will take it into account in the future when displaying this result in the search engine.

Now, let’s look and analyze result no. 1 – what would this result convey to you? A recipe may be incomplete, without images or other necessary data, and your reaction could be to leave the site and perhaps return to result no. 2. Google will also record this action.

From the 2 situations above, the conclusions are that Google analyzes and considers the following:

  1. How much time the user spends on the site/page

Rank Brain pays more attention to the time spent by users on the site.

According to several SEO statistics, it was found that the average time for the top 10 sites in Google results is approximately 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

Another confirmation of this kind is made by Google Analytics which considers that +/-3 minutes represents an optimal time spent by users on the site (attention: +/-3 minutes – small differences without a major drop below 3 minutes ).

If a considerable number of users will do the same thing and stay on the site for a considerable time, Google will return that web page in the organic results so that users can find it more easily. This fact represents for Google a signal regarding the fact that the information/content on that site is relevant/quality.

  1. The percentage of users who clicked on the displayed result (CTR)

Here, things are simplified, namely: if no one visits the site, Google sees no reason to display the respective site in the first 10 results/10 positions of Google.

However, if there is a request on the site, and users enter the site when it is displayed in the organic results, Google does not see any reason not to display the site in the Top 10 Google results.

  1. SERPs will be more consolidated

Search engine results pages (SERPs) are not what they were a few years ago.

The percentage of distribution of paid ads (PPC) increased. Answer boxes and representative fragments (rich snippets) started to get more notoriety and clicks.

However, in 2020, one of the most important aspects of organic results is videos positioned above organic text-based results:

rezultate organice video pentru reteta frappe

In order to keep traffic flowing to your website, you should think of a way in which you can use videos. If Google emphasizes content diversification and videos, why not take advantage of this opportunity and exploit it in your favor.

What you need to know is that it is not mandatory to put a lot of effort into creating new content. You can also find opportunities for the current pages and content that you could optimize.

  1. CTR (click rate)

Yes, yes and yes again. We need CTR values ​​as high as possible, because they represent an important signal for the Rank Brain algorithm, and if we manage to get them, we will also benefit from positions in the first results.

Another very important aspect, which you may or may not know, is that Google has a major interest in us investing as much as possible for paid results, reducing organic search results.

In a study it was shown that the organic CTR decreased by 37% from 2015 to the present.

  1. Content – Keywords.

Google has evolved from being a search engine to being an answer engine. Although the way keywords have been used to create content for web pages has changed, SEO strategies are still based on keyword research and content creation.

Here are some tips to keep in mind in 2020 to update your keyword research strategy:

How can we do research on relevant keywords?

In the past, Google or, better said, the Google algorithms, analyzed the page according to the number of data in which the keyword was used in the structure. In other words, Google relies 100% on the content of the page for positioning in organic searches, the important sections being:

  1. URL structure
  2. Page title
  3. Meta tags
  4. ALT attribute of images
  5. Headings
  6. Content (text inside the page)

All these factors are still important, but at the current moment, Google has become smarter than a few years ago. Currently, in addition to content analysis, he has the ability to analyze and understand the context.

  • Why exactly should we take into account?

REMEMBER: Google task no. 1to display the most relevant result to the user. We often come across content that is “attacked” with keywords. This is not recommended. What we need to do is to develop texts trying to deepen the proposed topics, providing relevant information for possible interested users.

  • How can we create quality content for website promotion?

To begin with, we can develop content with a volume of 500-2000 words/page and add it to the site. Thus, we will be able to provide relevant information, which our user would need and which could help him understand how and why he would need our services/products.

Following several investigations and analyzes on Google ranking factors, many specialists who offer SEO services have come to the conclusion that the development of a more voluminous text is more beneficial for increasing the visibility of a site in the Google search engine.

  • Introduction of keywords in the text of a web page

As I mentioned previously, it is not recommended to enter keywords in an excessive way, by repeating or stringing them together within a web page.

What should interest us are derived keywords, combinations of synonyms, or keywords from the lexical field of our subject. An optimal positioning on a significant number of derived keywords will determine that the site/sites become relevant also on general keywords (short-tail keywords)


We start from the following word: “Jaguar”, which can be a car or an animal.

If we create a text about the Jaguar car, we will use terms such as: horse power, engine, all-wheel drive, etc.

If we create a text about the jaguar animal, we will use terms such as; animal, mammal, feline, etc.

Basically, what we do more precisely is to develop descriptions using terms from the lexical field of the keyword we want to promote. Through these terms, Google understands what we are talking about, what or who we are referring to.

  • Effective methods to find relevant keywords for website promotion

Method no. 1 – we use information from Google itself

To understand better, let’s take the following example: the keyword “children’s clothes“.

When searching for this keyword in, you will notice the following suggestions at the bottom of the page:

sugestii pentru cuvant cheie haine copii

These suggestions are offered by the Google search engine as the most searched and can be significant sources of traffic. Of course, we can also find “keyword + brand name” type results.

Method no. 2 – we use information from Keyword Planner (Keyword Planner from Google)

This method can also be successfully used for organic searches to perform an analysis of the keywords most often used by users.

google keyword planner tool cuvinte cheie

Caution! All suggestions offered by the Keyword Planner online tool are taken from paid searches, which is why they may differ from organic ones.

Besides Google Keyword Planner, you can also use other tools, such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Answer The Public and UberSuggest.

Other tips for keyword research in 2020:

• Think about topics, not just keywords. Topics could help you identify new keyword opportunities, but also secondary keywords. You can identify a series of topics, and then enter them one by one in Google and YouTube to see the autosuggestions.

The suggestions offered by Google for searching the keyword seo optimization are:

sugestii google cautare optimizare seo

The suggestions provided by YouTube for searching for the keyword “seo optimization” are:

sugestii youtube cautare optimizare seo

  1. Video content

Video content continues to be one of the key trends in 2020 in terms of SEO promotion and digital marketing.

A media report from Zenith predicts that average online video consumption per person will continue to grow steadily in the future.

According to Cisco statistics, in 2021, video content will capture 80% of the total online traffic recorded. has the same opinion, claiming that currently, more than 43% of users prefer video content.

In 2018, people spent an average of 67 minutes watching online video every day, and this figure is expected to reach 100 minutes per day by 2021.

So, to grow your online business, you should have a well-optimized YouTube channel. That is precisely why the FivePlus company offers SEO services for YouTube. Exposure through video content has become more important than ever.

statistici continut video

An advantageous source that can be used for online promotion through video content in 2020, is the YouTube online channel.

Currently, YouTube is in second place, representing a worldwide search system.

Like any online video platform, its popularity is growing at a very fast rate (the number of hours spent on YouTube by online users increased by 60% compared to last year).

In other words, more and more people are looking for what they need on YouTube.

For this reason, if you want to increase traffic in 2020, a recommendation could be the creation and optimization of video content that could be promoted through the YouTube platform.

Youtube is a huge source of traffic that should not be ignored!

Our advantage, those from Romania, is that most of the sites on the Romanian market do not use video content, and this would allow us to reach the top searches more easily.

  • Why is video content so important?

In addition to the video results above the text results, 55% of all results displayed in the Google search engine currently have at least one video type result, and most of these results belong to the YouTube platform.

Also, if we take into account the fact that YouTube belongs to the Google company, we should expect as many results of this type as possible in 2020.

campanii seo vopsitorie auto pipera

The same phenomenon also happens in Google Images searches (basically we observe a combination of results obtained from the YouTube platform and organic Google searches).

The solution is simple – if online users want to see as much video content as possible, then all we have to do is create for them (on youtube) and publish on the internal blog from our website with a link to the source .

Here are some tips to improve your SEO strategy through video content:

• Use an attractive thumbnail image to attract users’ attention and convince them to watch the video. The thumbnail image should not only be as suggestive and representative as possible for the content of the video, but it should also be as clear and attractive as possible. E.g:

rezultate video pentru reteta prajituri

• Upload your video to multiple platforms. When we talk about video content, the problem of duplicate content no longer arises. If you upload a video to the website, it might even be useful to upload it to YouTube.

• Optimize your video title and description and make sure your videos are mobile friendly.

  1. Google Voice. Adaptation of websites according to voice searches

A relatively recent factor, but which has gained even more popularity even from 2019 until now, is voice search.

  • Voice searches in Google have increased since 2008 by 35 times until now;
  • 40% of users use voice search at least once a day;
  • 20% of voice searches are made from mobile devices.

Thanks to voice technology, searches in the form of direct questions will play an even more important role in promoting SEO in 2020:

There are three types of questions that Google answers:

  • Direct answer questions: These vocal questions start with “What”, “Which”, “Where”, “Who”, etc. Example: “ What is the name of our galaxy?
  • Short-answer questions: These questions start with “Why”, “Can you” etc. Example: “Why is the ocean blue?”
  • Long answer questions: These questions require a longer answer, often instructive. Example: “How do you cook pasta?”

Also, as a rule, in voice searches, Google chooses the results that offer questions and answers to the user’s search.

campanii seo vopsitorie auto pipera

  1. Website promotion through content and external links (Off-Page SEO)

And in 2020, this will remain one of the important factors for effective SEO promotion.

  • Without quality content you will not get external links!
  • Without external links you will not get positioning in the first Google results!

If you are not seen on the first page of Google, RankBrain, Voice Searches and the Mobile-First algorithm have no value. Therefore, in order to be in the top 10 searches, it is necessary to promote the sites through external links (backlinks).

From several SEO statistics, it is recommended to create external links that refer to an internal page of the site or to several internal pages on the site.

In conclusion, we offer you some useful SEO tips in 2020 for effective promotion:

  • Create visual content

Visual content (images) is growing rapidly as is video content.

Visual marketing is a main form of promotion in the online environment and thanks to sites/platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, visual content will continue to grow.

  • Creating and publishing unique content

We recommend that all content on the sites be unique, informative and attractive.

You can also opt for comments in the Blog sections because they are an important signal that will help you to better position your sites. Google wants to see activity on websites and will probably put even more emphasis on this factor in 2020.

  • Social media – Sharing

Another way to gain external links and visibility in the online environment.

Social signals such as Facebook; Twitter; Linkedin have become a powerful traffic tool.

In conclusion, we can say that: quality text and video content, attractive and optimized images, optimization according to user searches, sites adapted for mobile devices – these are priority things that we must focus on for a promotion of success in the Google search engine.

Which of the SEO 2020 factors is reflected in the optimizations implemented in your website?

Article contribution: Mihail Durlestean, SEO Specialist, FivePlus Solutions Agency

Mihail manages dozens of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) projects, both domestic and international, from different fields of activity, from e-commerce stores, to transport, production, education. He is involved in hundreds of other projects as a consultant in promotion strategy.
Helped by an internal web design team, Google Ads campaigns, Facebook Ads, YouTube, has access to different situations, analyzes aimed at performance, has the possibility of doing AB Testing. He correlates the activities and the results obtained with the trends in the field, strategies to increase performance and is ready to face the challenges.
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