What is Google Hummingbird and how will it affect SEO optimization?

For those who haven’t found out yet, last week, coinciding with the celebration of 15 years of activity, Google released the Hummingbird update.

Since then, there has been a hysteria and a general rush in the online community of SEO experts in the desire to understand this algorithm and anticipate what changes it brings, on the one hand in the Google results display mechanism and on the other hand in the methods of SEO optimization what will have to be changed.

So, what is the Hummingbird algorithm?

To answer the question, we must understand the reason.

Hummingbird (in translation, the humming bird) was created as a precision and speed tool, which can also be deduced from the name of the algorithm, the hummingbird being the bird with the most wingbeats per second and having the highest precision in extracting pollen the flowers it feeds on.

So, the algorithm aims to deliver accurate and fast results to users for their searches. This algorithm is built around semantic searches, a phrase that is increasingly common around (including the Facebook search engine).

This means that the algorithm focuses more on understanding the search intent of the users and focuses less on the keywords contained in the search phrases.

What Google is actually doing is thinking of the search engine from the perspective of understanding whole sentences to provide more relevant results, at the expense of the results based on groups of words until now.

For this, Google wants to return results that match the entire search phrase, focusing less on pages that are well positioned for certain keywords.

Unlike Panda and Pinguin, which came as a complement to the already existing algorithm, the Hummingbird algorithm is a total replacement of the search algorithm. This marks the fact that the algorithm written in 2001 has been totally changed.

How will Hummingbird change SEO optimization?

By introducing this algorithm, Google demonstrates that it is prepared to truly understand the meaning of words from a search or from a web page. Including this article, it is currently understood by Google in a similar way as you, who are now reading these words, understand it.

Consequently, another thing that Google is proving, or trying to prove, is that it has become better at understanding web pages and indexing them accordingly, in order to later serve them as search engine results. search.

The move to semantic searches is a big step from Google’s point of view in the fight against webspam, those sites or web pages with dubious content, which are positioned 100% artificially and which do not bring any benefit or any answer to those who search in the search engine.

In terms of SEO optimization, now, it is more important than ever to create content that aims to engage readers and to leave content writing with the sole objective of increasing Google rankings on the secondary level.

If your goal until now has been to design useful content for users, not much will change in terms of the organic traffic received by your website.

But, if your strategy was to design boring, monotonous articles/texts with the aim of manipulating the search engine without taking into account the user experience, it is time to change your approach in a drastic way.

Tips and suggestions for post Hummingbird SEO optimization

Here are some useful suggestions for the future to align with the new SEO standards.

Trust and authority are now KING! It is important to become an authority in your niche and to provide answers and useful information to users for any question related to their searches or questions.

Create content meant to create discussions and conversations. Observing the upward trend of searches on mobile devices, the vast majority using voice search, it is recommended to create the content in such a way as to anticipate possible questions or concerns in your niche and return with a relevant and useful answer.

In conclusion, Hummingbird is designed to provide a more pleasant experience for search engine users and webmasters who create quality content. If you have questions related to the Hummingbird update or SEO optimization, we invite you to use the contact page.

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