RankBrain is described as a very complex technology of ranking signals, according to information provided by specialist Greg Corrado, researcher at Google.

The fact that it is considered one of the multiple Google ranking signals, may induce us to think that this new algorithm is not very important, but if we analyze it better, we will realize that it is the third most important ranking factor at the global level.

The RankBrain program was built with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) by a team of engineers from Google, and its purpose is to process the volume of daily searches.

It is clear that the only people who have important data about the algorithm by which RankBrain works are only the engineers who designed it, which is why it is expected that SEO optimization is in a rather important transition period.

RankBrain – an important ranking factor

Although the new algorithm is seen as a replacement for Hummingbird, specialists tell us that it is not a substitute for it, but is one of the most important ranking factors that influence it.

We know about Hummingbird that it has the role of ranking pages according to the most relevant results for search terms.

RankBrain does this by assigning Google search terms to mathematical vectors. Most of the keywords are easy to understand, but there is a possibility that the artificial intelligence program gets confused at a certain phrase if it is not familiar, RankBrain having the ability to logically interpret the words used by associating them.

Following a study carried out by the Google team, it was concluded that of the searches in Google, approximately 25% of them were unique, at the moment this percentage has dropped to 15%, but the market demands the application of the RankBrain algorithm in order to decrease this percentage as much as possible.

The difference between RankBrain and the other tools.

You may be wondering what is the difference between RankBrain and other tools.

The difference is represented by its ability to learn continuously, in real time, while it is running, while the other tools extract information from an already existing database.

This is also the reason why Google decided to invest more and more in Artificial Intelligence, a few years ago RankBrain was called a cognitive system.

In 2013, cognitive technology was used, initially for the classification of both texts and images.

Over time AI made connections between capitals and countries by simply reading the news. Without being given instructions, the algorithm made a list of similar countries, and simultaneously associated the capital of each country in the list.

To highlight the difference in operation between the new and the old algorithm, we can enter a simple keyword in the search.

For example, if we search for “Basescu”, the results that Google will return to us will be pages from various news sites that include this keyword “Basescu”, this in the case of functioning according to the old algorithms.

In the case of the RankBrain algorithm, the results include pages that also contain similar terms such as “president of Romania”, “Traian Basescu”, “husband of Maria Basescu”.

How will it affect RankBrain traffic?

RankBrain is presented as a very smart algorithm, which is why marketing people predict that it will affect traffic, it is certain that if your site has not been penalized until now, it is unlikely to happen from now on, because RankBrain has been active since the beginning of 2016.

The majority of those who have websites, besides the fact that they are afraid of being penalized, are curious about what they have to do in order to fulfill the rules established by RankBrain and to remain well positioned in Google.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to draw a safe strategy that could ensure that you will not be penalized, because in addition to the fact that it is a very new algorithm, RankBrain is a technology that is continuously learning and will most likely readjust its analysis methods of web pages.

The purpose of this algorithm is to direct users to what they are looking for, and in this sense it is recommended to create quality, informative and very attractive content.

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