When you log into your Google Analytics account, do you experience a moment of disappointment?

That means your website is SEO optimized. You send tweets every hour. You just added new graphics to your site.

What’s going on?

As a digital marketer I can tell you that the secret to constant traffic to your website is not in making your website search engine friendly.

Here are a few ways to get visitors to return to your site:

Be a source of information!

If you have a top keyword it might get someone to visit your site once, but to get them to come back you need to make your site attractive.

It offers something so amazing that you can’t resist the temptation to come back as well:

– write blog posts about issues the customer really wants to know about;

– share original insights and tools that no one else has;

– help and be available in social media groups, forums and other online channels to answer questions;

– organize webinars and seminars with strategies to help people get results, so they will respect your knowledge and generosity.

Ally with the “big boys”!

Your followers will be excited to have access to the top authorities in your field.

For example: having a Google Hangout (you can use Hangouts to send messages, initiate voice calls, video calls and show photos) with a world-renowned expert in a field, which is also your marketing target and will make your followers very excited that they have such great benefits by associating with you.

Stay relevant!

For example, if you are a homework expert and offer a seminar on “How to help your little one ride a bike” it doesn’t really fit and you might turn your audience away.

Even if your visitors are parents, they came to you for your ideas about working from home, not for family advice. So it’s important to stay on topic and become an expert in that area.

Give back!

Many consumers look to partner with businesses that help them achieve their immediate goals, but also do charitable acts.

Tell the world about your charitable acts you support. If you are volunteering to help children in need, share the information and invite your supporters to come.

Share the best you!

Serve your customers.

It’s not just about what you sell, but how you make your customers feel.

Show them that you not only care about making their lives easier, but that you’re doing the right thing for the world. Be good for doing good.

What do you do to attract customers to your website?